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SACO - Serial Analysis of Chromatin Occupancy

SACO is an application of GSTs to identify genomic locations of ChIP-isolated DNA fragments. It is a general method for conducting full-genome surveys of DNA-binding proteins.

CREB Pilot Project

SACO has been used to conduct a genome-wide survey of the CREB regulon in rat.

The CREB SACO publication is now online at Cell.
Defining the CREB Regulon: A Genome-Wide Analysis of Transcription Factor Regulatory Regions
Soren Impey, Sean R. McCorkle, Hyunjoo Cha-Molstad, Jami M. Dwyer, Gregory S. Yochum, Jeremy M. Boss, Shannon McWeeney, John J. Dunn, Gail Mandel, and Richard H. Goodman
Cell, Vol 119, 1041-1054, 29 December 2004

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SACO at the Vollum Institute, OHSU

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