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Web-interactive services

Primer Design
    Primer3 (Whitehead Inst, MIT)
    CODEHOP (Degenerate primers)

ClustalW Multiple sequence alignment

Software Sites

BIMAS - BioInformatics & Molecular Analysis Section, NIH - The Open Lab - Perl bioinformatics library
Debian Packages in Biology
ExPASy Tools Proteomics tools
GeneMark - Gene Prediction program of Mark Borodovsky
Linux binaries for Biology
NCBI - National Center for Biotechnology Information - Open Source software for the sciences
SAL - Scientific Applications on Linux
TIGR Software - packages from The Institute for Genomic Research
Virtual Genome Center at the University of Minnesota Medical School - U. of Washington (phred, phrap, consed, swat, RepeatMasker)
In Silico - simulation of molecular biology experiments
Next Generation Sequencing Packages - a list at

Programs and Packages

Sequence Comparison
Blast - NCBI's sequence similarity search tool (tutorial    course)
FASTA - Sequence comparison program (UVA)
Bowtie - Rapid mapping of short sequences to a reference.
Multiple Alignment
ClustalW and ClustalX - Multiple Sequence alignment program
Gene Prediction
Glimmer - TIGR's gene-finding program
MAGPIE - Automated Genome Project Investigation Environment
Software Suites
NCBI Tools - vibrant, asn, etc
EMBOSS - European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite
Phylogenetic trees
PHYLIP - programs for inferring phylogenies
BCM Trace Viewer (Java)
MolScript - 3D Protein display package
PolyPhred - SNP analysis with U. Washington software

Data Formats

mmCIF - mmCIF page at Rutgers

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